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About WINNET Europe

WINNET Europe, the European Association of Women Resource Centres, was formed in year 2006 by national, regional and local Women Resource Centres (WRCs). WINNET Europe has in year 2007 member organisations in 21 of the 27 EU Member States.

The Swedish WRC model has been successfully disseminated in the last ten years leading to the start-up and running of around six hundred organizations all around Europe. Women Resource Centres serve as key tools to for women’s active participation in regional development and growth, innovation and entrepreneurship as well as in building sustainable and gender equal regions in the European Union.

The Association’s mission is, in a collaborative effort among national, federal / regional and local organisations in EU Member States, to support and reinforce the activities of resource centres for women and or other similar women organisations to work to advocate that:

  • Women claim their share of society’s resources
  • Women’s competence is utilised in society
  • Women’s and men’s efforts are valued equally in society
WRC in the regions of Europe actively participate in partnerships and some of their key thematic focus areas are
1. Gender Equality Perspectives in Regional and Local Policies
2. Women Entrepreneurship and SME Development
3. Gender Equality Perspective on Innovation and ICT
4. Social Inclusion and Women’s Opportunities on the Labour Market

The mission of WINNET Europe is to:
  • strengthen the role of Women Resource Centres (WRCs) as key actors of regional growth and support the participation of women in regional development increasing thereby Europe’s competitiveness and achievement of the Lisbon Strategy goals;
  • assist the implementation of the objectives of the European Union in the employ-ment and social affairs area, as set out in the Roadmap for equality between women and men (2006-2010) and the European Pact for Gender Equality and the European Social Agenda;
  • enhance a gender equality perspective in co-ordinated strategic use of European, national and regional resources;
  • be actively involved in policy making processes and communicate women’s experiences in EU Member States and the candidate countries;
  • increase women’s influence and participation in the labour market and the society as a whole, on European, national and regional level;
  • contribute to create new permanent jobs for women by supporting women’s own ideas, innovation and entrepreneurship;
  • promote the empowerment of women and their social inclusion
  • enhance women’s use of ICT and their active participation in the Information Society.
Key WINNET Europe activities involve
• Lobbying and presentation of Position papers
•Awareness raising campaigns about women’s and WRCs role in regional growth and sustainable development
• Benchmarking and monitoring of the implementation of gender equality in regional development
• Giving evidence through daily work to good examples of improving governance
• Involvemtn in multi-stakeholder dialogue seminars and workshops
• EU monitoring in the Commissions priority areas in regard to regional development and growth
• Initiating and co-ordinating EU projects
• Joint actions of WINNET Europe members to eliminate gender stereotypes.
• Supports the start-up and running of WRCs in new EU Member States and acceding countries
• Leads quality certification of WRCs through EU harmonization, transfer of knowledge and training
• Actively supports the goals of the UN Global Alliance for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and takes an active role in the work of the Internatinal Taskforce (ITF) on Women and Information and Communication Technology.

WINNET Europe in co-operation with other key actors operates
• In the EU and world wide: EU Commission DG Regio, DG INFSO &
• On an national level: public authorities, research institutes, PPPs
• On a regional level: regional administrations, regional chambers of
commerce, regional employment boards, universities, PPPs
• On a local level: local administrations, local employment boards,
local chambers of commerce, universities, PPPs

The Annual General Meeting – AGM is the Association’s highest decision-making organ which elects the Board of WINNET Europe consisting of the president, eight full members and eight proxies. The President of WINNET Europe Ms.Britt-Marie S Torstensson was elected at the AGM on the 29th of January 2007 in Brussels.

The Association’s Secretariat is in Gävle, Sweden. The work of the Association is assisted by Central Sweden’s regional office in Brussels. The Association is managed with the assistance of the Secretariat and the virtual office in WINNET Europes innovative network portal - www.winneteurope.eu - serving as a communication platform between the members of the Association and the European Commission and its institutions and other global, national, regional and local stakeholders.

The work of the WINNET Europe Association is assisted by a Scientific and Political Advisory Committee which consists of 50 % national, regional and local politicians from the EU Member States and 50 % researchers.

Britt-Marie S Torstensson
President WINNET Europe

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Download and read more about our statutes, membership fee and Central Sweden:

Winnet Europe Update
 WE Statutes (.pdf 67.5 kB)
 Positionpaper (.pdf 341.67 kB)
 WE membership fee(.pdf 22.27 kB)
 Central Sweden (.pdf 390.61 kB)
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Minutes from AGM 2014

Minutes AGM Winnet Europe 2014 Lund checked.pdf
Minutes from AGM 2015

Minutes from the WINNET EUROPE AGM Meeting 2015_checked_final.pdf

Annual reports
Annual report 2014
Winnet Europe Work Program 2011

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