Winnet Europe Working areas

Winnet Europe’s working areas are:

The Labour market
Innovation and ICT
Policy and actions of Gender Equality
• Transnational and crossborder co-operation
• Demographic changes
• Rural Development

Winnet Europe in co-operation with other key actors operate on a global, EU, national, regional and local level. On an EU and Global level Winnet Europe works with and towards the EU Commission DG Regio, DG INFSO & Media, EWL, SAWEN, UN GAID, ITF, CWIT. On a national, regional and local level we work with and towards public authorities, research institutes, universities, PPPs, administrations, chambers of commerce and employment boards.

Winnet Europe’s activities involve

• Raising awareness about women’s and Women’s Recourse Centres (WRCs) role in regional growth and sustainable development
• Benchmarking and monitoring implementation of gender equality in regional development
• Initiating EU projects
• Joint actions of WINNET Europe members to eliminate gender stereotypes.
• Support the start-up and running of WRCs in new EU Member States and acceding countries
• Presentation of position papers


Winnet Europe Workprogramme 2014

Final_Winnet_Europe_Work programme_2014_final_final.pdf
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