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31 January 2013
The EU:s Assembly of Regional and Local Representations- Going Local - January 2013

of the EU Committee of the Regions

January 2013 Follow Us  @EU_CoR

The CoR Position on the EU Budget 2014-2020

Why finding a speedy agreement on the EU budget is a priority

CoR member, Constance Hanniffy, Member of Offaly County Council in Ireland,
presents her opinion on the upcoming decision on the EU budget.
She argues: "Given its importance, finding an agreement on the MFF cannot come quickly enough,
though in our efforts we must ensure that we reach a good agreement".

Doris Ansari: "Cornwall has benefited greatly from European funding"

Doris Ansari is a member of Cornwall Council in the UK and also a member of the
CoRs' temporary ad-hoc Commission on the EU budget.
She offers her thoughts on the EU budget, its role in supporting cities and
regions and explains how European funding has helped her county.

Towards the next EU budget

Having failed to reach an agreement in November last year,
European heads of state and government will once again reconvene on 7- 8 February in Brussels to try to find
a compromise on the EU budget covering the period 2014-2020. Yet it is still unclear whether a final agreement is within reach.

The EU Budget 2014-2020: An overview of Committee of the Regions' opinions

Over the past 12 months the Committee of the Regions has continued to debate and work
towards developing a common position among its members on the EU budget.
11 key opinions were adopted which focused on the main areas that constitute the EU budget.


President Valcárcel insists on sufficient resources to help stimulate growth and jobs

The President of the CoR, Ramón Luis Valcárcel Siso,
has expressed his views on the current negotiations on the next EU budget.
He explains what impact the outcome could have on Europe's cities and regions.

Bas Verkerk : "The EU budget is an investment budget that all European citizens benefit from"

The Chair of the CoR's temporary ad hoc Commission on the EU budget and
Mayor of the City of Delft, Mr. Bas Verkerk (NL/ALDE),
outlines the CoR's stance on the EU budget and points out how significant the debate is for local and regional authorities.

31 January & 1 February
99th CoR Plenary Session, CoR Building, Brussels.
11 February
Meeting of the CIVEX Commission, CoR Building, Brussels.
18 February
4th ARLEM Plenary Session, CoR Building, Brussels.
19 February
Meeting of the ENVE Commission, CoR Building, Brussels.
20 February
Meeting of the ECOS Commission, CoR Building, Brussels.
25 February
Meeting of the EDUC Commission, CoR Building, Brussels.
26 February
Meeting of the COTER Commission, CoR Building, Brussels.
28 February
Europe 2020 Conference - Agenda for new skills and jobs, Dublin, Ireland.

The Committee of the Regions in the press!
To forward an article you have read about the CoR, write to us at PresseCdR@cor.europa.eu!

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Updated by Lovisa Torstensson, 31/01/2013
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