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7 May 2012
Whats up at EiGE


The first EU wide report on gender equality and climate change

The new EIGE Report is the first report on gender equality and climate change which covers all the European Union Member States and provides comparable data on the European Union level. The findings demonstrate that women’s involvement in climate change decision-making at national, European and international levels is still low. Therefore, EIGE introduces the first EU indicators in the area K: Women and the Environment of the Beijing Platform for Action to support the policy makers in enhancing equality and improving the climate change policies.



The first comprehensive database on gender training

EIGE is about to launch the first comprehensive EU wide database on gender training high-quality tools, resources and trainers at the end of 2012. It will work as a tool for improved policy implementation. The database constitutes EIGE’s wider framework of activities on gender mainstreaming and gender training, which include identifying, collecting and disseminating good practices.

This focus is a result of the extensive preparatory work. Representatives of the Gender Equality bodies of the Member States, researchers and experts participating in the international conference “Good Practices in Gender Mainstreaming: Towards Effective Gender Training”, organised by EIGE in Brussels on 28 November 2011, confirmed that gender training is one of the most crucial tools for increasing skills, effective implementation and monitoring of the progress on gender equality and mainstreaming policies. In order for gender mainstreaming to be implemented effectively, gender awareness, expertise and tools need to be in place. Training, therefore, has a central role in supporting decision makers to fulfil their mandates.


Find the best way to fight gender-based violence
with a new EIGE map

There is no comprehensive and comparable data collection on violence against women in the EU – according to The European Parliament resolution of 26 November 2009. EIGE offers its contribution to fill the gap. Its new project on mapping data sources on gender-based violence will result in a comprehensive and detailed map of the administrative sources, legislative and policy framework and statistical products on gender based violence in the EU and Croatia. The data will be available also in the form of an online database. It will enable policy makers to effectively design, implement and monitor policies to prevent and combat gender based violence.



INSPIRE EUROPE! Send your nomination for
“Women Inspire Europe 2013”

We are waiting for your nominations for the successful EIGE calendar “Women Inspire Europe” until 1 June, 2012. The calendar has been published annually since 2010. It portrays women whose achievements help to create a better Europe for all.                     

It constitutes EIGE’s wider framework of activities. The objective of which is to enrich Europe, inspire Europeans and empower women by making the most remarkable European women more visible. Europe needs her story. As EIGE’s Director Virginija Langbakk said: “In the spirit of gender equality, women’s achievements need to be placed at the forefront of societal growth.”





The first EIGE report and database on men and gender equality

In June 2012, EIGE will launch its first report and database on men and gender equality, covering all the 27 European Union Member States. The report and database present stakeholders active in engaging men in gender-equality work as well as their organisational forms, methods, tools and approaches. To achieve gender equality both women and men need to be involved.  Therefore  EIGE includes men and masculinity as a horizontal theme of its actions in order to offer high quality data and tools for successful gender mainstreaming to decision makers.


Women and men in the EU - Facts and figures

Looking for the newest data and indicators on gender equality in the EU and Member States? Check the new EIGE database! You will find comprehensive and comparable data and information on women and men in the EU. The database follows areas defined by the Beijing Platform for Action and provides policy makers with the indicators of its implementation.

Looking for a new job?

Do you want to work with gender equality? Then we might just have the right job for you!

Upcoming tenders

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