Women's Resource Centres

Women’s Resource Centres are organisations that serve as key tools for women’s active participation in regional development and growth, innovation and entrepreneurship as well as in building sustainable and gender equal regions in the European Union.

Women’s resource centers are today recognized as key actors when it comes to safeguarding of gender equality issues and to secure women`s participation in regional and local development and growth. 
The Function of a Women Resource Centers is:

• To empower women
• To be a meeting place for networking groups of women
• To be a centre for information and documentation
• To give women career guidance (counselling & mentorship) as of how to get on with their projects or business ideas
• To mediate contacts with women's networks at all levels of society 

Women’s Resource Centres in Europe actively participate in partnerships. Some of their key thematic focus areas are: Gender Equality Perspectives in Regional and Local Policies, Women Entrepreneurship, Social Inclusion, Women’s Opportunities in the Labour Market, SME Development as well as securing the Gender Equality Perspective in innovation and ICT.

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Declaration of Intentions for a Gender Equal Regional Development in Europe 

The Report from the Nordic Conference 19 th of October 2007 in Stockholm 

WRC s information 

Interreg III B FEM information report 

NRC description of WRC s as a tool
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