Projects and Research

Read more about our work to initiate and coordinate projects that supports and reinforces the activities of Women Resource Centres(WRCs)

Winnet Centre of Excellence®
Winnet Centre of Excellence documents, analyses, disseminates and mainstreams the experiences made by Women Resource Centres (WRCs) in Europe.

Winnet Baltic Sea Region (BSR)
Winnet Baltic Sea Region (BSR) is a partnership that aims to initiate and coordinate projects that promote gender aware business support in the Baltic Sea Region. Click here to continue to the website. 

Winnet 8
Winnet 8 was a project that aimed to contribute to regional growth by improving women’s participation in the labour market focusing on:
• Horizontally segregated labour markets
• The lack of women in innovation and technology
• The lack of women in entrepreneurship
Read more about the project here.

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