23 June 2015
EESC Conference on Integrating migrants into the labour market: a win-win situation for all
EESC, Brussels, 25 June 2015

The Labour Market Observatory (LMO) and the Group on Immigration and Integration (IMI) of the European Economic and Social Committee have the pleasure to invite you to their conference on “Integrating migrants into the labour market: a win-win situation for all”.
The event will take place on the 25 June, 9:30 - 17:00 in Brussels, at the EESC. 

This conference will particularly focus on the employment of third-countries nationals coming to the EU for family reunification, work or study. After recalling the benefits of their integration into the labour market, both for migrants and society, the conference will look into existing challenges such as the recognition of qualifications and the divergence of legal frameworks (Blue card, seasonal workers, intra-corporate transferees, students, researchers and au pairs, family reunification). Good practices regarding education, language learning and employment (as employee / entrepreneur) will be shared by various speakers. 

On the programme: representatives from the European Parliament, European Commission, EU agencies, the OECD, companies and civil society organizations from various Member States.

The conference's conclusions will be shared with the informal Expert Group on Economic Migration set up by the European Commission, in view of its input on a new policy on legal migration from third countries and on the revision of the Blue Card Directive.
Updated by Lina Andersson, 23/06/2015