Winnet Centre of Excellence 

In order to document, analyse, disseminate and mainstream the experiences made by Women Resource Centres (WRCs) in Europe during the last decades, a Winnet Centre of Excellence is suggested to be established gathering a "critical mass" of high level researchers. Such a centre is suggested to be financed by EU Structural Funds or FP7 Funds.

The main mission of WRCs is to enhance women’s labour market participation and to integrate a gender perspective in regional growth policies. A strategic research agenda – combining several interdisciplinary approaches – could increase the understanding of the emergence, organisation and results of WRCs and thus inform future design of policy measures for gender in regional growth.


The Winnet Centre of Excellence® series

Get inspired and learn best practices from the yearly publication of The Winnet Centre of Excellence® series.

Series 1
Inequalities in Management and Economics
Series 2
Developement of Women and Management

Series 3
The Challenge of Diversity
Series 4
Sustainability – Equality – Women

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