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19 December 2014
Newletter Going Local December 2014

cid:image017.png@01D01A24.B0C5EB10Newsletter of the EU's Committee of the Regions

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Committee of the Regions calls for new actions to overcome delays in delivering EU cohesion policy
EU regions and cities are calling on the European Commission and the Member States to intervene to speed up the adoption and launch of 2014-2020 cohesion policy investment plans.

Corina Cretu

Commissioner Creţu reassures Committee of the Regions: Juncker's investment plan will complement cohesion funds
The Committee of the Regions has warmly welcomed the confirmation by the Commissioner for Regional Policy, Corina Creţu, that the new European Fund for Strategic Investments will complement cohesion funding.


Juncker package: It's not just about figures, says Catiuscia Marini, First Vice-President of the Commitee of the Regions
Catiuscia Marini, First Vice-President of the CoR and rapporteur on the quality of public investment, discusses her opinion of the Juncker Package, the effect it will have on local and regional authorities, and what's next for the European Commission investment strategy.



CoR at Work


UN climate deal "another missed opportunity"
The Committee of the Regions has acknowledged the international climate deal struck during the UN talks in Peru but warned that though it was a step forward, a far greater level of ambition was needed to stop temperatures rising above 2°C.


Communicating the EU for 2015-2019: focus on "genuinely decentralised communications"
At the start of the EU's new legislative term the Committee of the Regions stresses that it is the responsibility of the European institutions to come up with a new approach to communication that reconnects citizens with Europe.


Immigration policy: the Committee of the Regions calls for more solidarity and support for local authorities
With migratory pressures constantly increasing in the EU, the Committee of the Regions is calling for support to be stepped up for local authorities on the front line so that they can cope with immigration issues. UK CoR member Anthony Buchanan commented on the issue.


Marine sector can help revive EU economy but needs greater public-private partnership investment
Local and regional authorities have backed EU plans to improve knowledge and support innovation of Europe’s €500bn maritime and marine sector as part of its efforts to boost growth. However, there must be a greater focus on supporting public-private partnerships.

Hester Maij

Regions warn that EU plans will damage flourishing organic sector
Local and regional leaders have warned that EU reform to the organic food sector will lead to a decline in what is currently a flourishing market. The Committee of the Regions agreed that the EU must revamp regulation and launch a new plan to support sustainable long-term growth of the organic sector.


EU cooperation and new technology can revolutionise Europe's healthcare
The Committee of the Regions has called on the EU to improve cooperation across Member States and exploit the potential of new technologies such as mHealth to improve the quality of healthcare across Europe.


Markkula: a strong industrial base is the foundation of EU competitiveness
Following the adoption of the European Commission's industrial policy package the Committee of the Regions agrees that a strong industrial base is crucial to Europe's competitiveness and stable development.

Hani Abdelmasih Al-Hayek

ARLEM calls for a stronger territorial dimension in the European Neighbourhood Policy
Gathering in Antalya, Turkey, local and regional leaders and representatives from the European Union and its Mediterranean partners have called for a new momentum in the European Neighbourhood Policy.



Europe 2020


Debt obligations are likely to reduce resources available at a local level
The results of the Committee of the Regions Europe 2020 Monitoring Platform have shown that a large majority of cities and regions fear that that EU rules on public deficits have a negative impact on local investments.



In other news...


What's next for Devolved powers in the UK?
CoR member and leader of Birmingham City Council Sir Albert Bore discusses the idea of devolved powers across the UK, and the impact it could have for the future.


Video Interviews - Devolution in the UK
Following the publication of the Smith Report, Committee of the Regions members Cllr Stewart Maxwell (UK/EA), Cllr Mick Antoniw(UK/PES) and Cllr Anthony Buchanan (UK/EA) discussed their views on the future of devolved powers in their areas, and the region as a whole.





19 January
Jobs, growth, investment in Europe's regions and cities, CoR Building, Brussels.

21 January
OPEN DAYS 2015 Kick-off , CoR Building, Brussels.

22 January
EU working for you: first results of a corporate communication campaign , CoR Building, Brussels.

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