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17 November 2011
Winnet 8 Innovation & Policy 2011
for Smart, Inclusive and Sustainable Growth


by Danuta Hübner, Chair, Committee on Regional Development, European Parliament

Gender mainstreaming is by definition
transversal to policy programming and policy
implementation, including of the Structural
There are both equity and efficiency
arguments to support gender mainstreaming
since discrimination and segregation entail
Furthermore, it is well-known
that both the economy and business benefit
from enhancing gender equality.
Hence, it is not only crucial to implement the gender
perspective through EU Cohesion Policy and
the EU 2020 strategy but the achievement
of Cohesion Policy and EU 2020 objectives is
indeed conditional upon a more extensive,
effective and efficient use of women’s
Building on Europe’s territorial strengths,
tapping unused potential, expanding
its growth basis, and thus stimulating
employment and economic growth, are today
among our major concerns.
This can only be
achieved by actively reinforcing the gender
perspective in EU policies, and in particular in
Cohesion Policy.
It is imperative that women are effectively
given the opportunity and the tools to
participate fully in the labour market
throughout the EU, particularly in the areas of
innovation, ICT and technology, and, last but
not least, women should be encouraged and 
supported to become entrepreneurs in every
branch of industry and commerce.
These objectives are not easy to achieve
and require strong intervention through
public investment and the provision of high
quality public services. We can nevertheless
exploit the potential offered by the tools
and organisations we have already created,
especially by enhancing the existing
territorial cooperation structures. Thus
Women’s Resource Centres must become
even more dynamic actors in the Quadruple
Helix partnership for smart, inclusive and
sustainable growth.
Gender equality must be an integral part of
smart economics and be taken into account
by economic decision makers at every level.
Viewed in that light, the gender dimension
should be factored into all decisions
concerning the allocation of Structural Funds.
The future Cohesion Policy requires major
attention being paid to the gender dimension
and actions such as WINNET 8 can only
reinforce economic and social cohesion
throughout the Union.

Danuta Hübner
Chair, Committee on Regional Development
European Parliament

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